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To the best of our knowledge the information provided herein are correct at the time of publication. The views or claims expressed in external links provided herein are not endorsed by Sheffield Hallam University. If you find any mistakes or omissions please contact MMVL (details at the main MMVL wiki-page).

In general information and documentation on this website is provided under the terms and conditions of the GNU Free Documentation License ( if not stated otherwise (e.g. in some cases, we do not permit derivative work). We encourage others to use our information and material, as long as we get credit for our work.

Source code published on this website is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License ( if not stated otherwise.

The license for each of the videos is the same as the license for the corresponding image frame. For playing the videos under Microsoft Windows we recommend VLC ( or DivX player (, and for playing under GNU/Linux we recommend MPlayer ( or Xine (

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