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This is the MMVL's Wiki. Feel free to have a look at the information, we have published here! The MMVL's MediaWiki is read-only for anonymous users.


The MMVL's MediaWiki is read-only for anonymous users. MediaWiki ( is a Sourceforge ( software project with 66 members at the moment. This software is being used to host the world's largest Wiki-Site: the Wikipedia ( Despite of the fact, that everyone can edit it, the Wikipedia seems to be quite stable by a continuous effort of users and administrators. The MediaWiki has powerful concepts like watchlists, discussion pages and blocking of IP-addresses and users to prevent vandalism.

Playing videos

For playing the videos under Microsoft Windows we recommend DivX player (, and for playing under Linux we recommend MPlayer ( or Xine (

Private Wikis

Unfortunately at the moment the access restrictions for all users are the same. Implementing user permissions is not an easy task (think about the special pages like Special:Recent Changes or the search page f.e.). This feature already is planned in the form of Access control lists (

For the moment we are using several Wiki systems, which are running in parallel. That's why you'll maybe have more than one user-account (and more than one password is possible). When the user-access levels have been developed by the MediaWiki-community, it'll be possible to merge all Wiki-systems and User-databases into a single system.

To share big files please use the MMVL webdav server.

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  • Mediawiki documentation (
  • Compare Wiki systems at (
    • JSPWiki ( is a powerful Java Wiki
    • TiddlyWiki ( is a self-modifying HTML/Javascript page, which can act as a notebook
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