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Jasmine robots programmed for wall-following (2.5 MByte video)
Stäubli robot is doing vision-guided pick-and-place operations (15.8 MByte WMV video)
2D rigid object recognition and tracking (1.0 MByte AVI video)
Short demo clip of an animated simulation model (8.0 MByte MPEG video)

Sheaf Solution Consultancy (official homepage ( offers consultancy services in the following areas

Sheaf Solutions Consultancy
Consultancy Area Contact Person
robotics & intelligent systems Dr Jacques Penders (
machine vision Dr Fabio Caparrelli (
industrial robotics Dr Martin Howarth (
logistics & supply chain management Prof. Terrence Perera (

When discussing a particular problem it helps if you provide us with information about the project environment (e.g. example images, hardware specification, requirements, ...).

We strongly recommend to involve us in any purchase decision (cameras, electronics, robots, software, ...) which have a potential impact on the success of the project.


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