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Main entrance of Sheffield Hallam University in the afternoon
Main entrance of Sheffield Hallam University in the afternoon
Main building of Sheffield Hallam City Campus
Main building of Sheffield Hallam City Campus
Sheffield Winter Gardens ( next to the university
Sheffield Winter Gardens ( next to the university
Get the Sheffield Hallam University visitor's guide ( (549kByte PDF-file)
Get the Sheffield Hallam University visitor's guide ( (549kByte PDF-file)
Get the Sheffield Hallam University pre-arrival-guide ( (mirror ( for international students
Get the Sheffield Hallam University pre-arrival-guide ( (mirror ( for international students
Local map of Sheffield Hallam University (City Campus)
Local map of Sheffield Hallam University (City Campus)

The Mobile Machines and Vision Laboratory (MMVL) is part of the Materials and Engineering Research Institute ( under the Centre for Automation and Robotics Research ( (CARR), at Sheffield Hallam University ( (SHU).

MMVL is currently led (2008 onwards) by Dr Jacques Penders (previously Senior Research Scientist at KPN Research, The Netherlands) and was previously known as Microsystems and Machine Vision Laboratory. The latter was founded in 1998 and was led until 2008 by Dr Bala Amavasai ( (currently Senior Scientist at Prokter and Gamble, UK & Ireland).

The expertise within the MMVL group are diverse and include a long standing presence on open-source Computer Vision / Machine Perception systems development, as well as Embedded Systems and Human Machine interfaces, in relation to mobile robotics research and its applications.

The main theme of our research is on the inter-connection of artificial perception and physical action. Perception requires extensive processing and interpreting of data generated by sensors, including the means to integrate in an overall framework (robotics middle-ware). We employ a wide range of perception sensor modalities / sensing technologies, including cameras, ranging lasers and ultrasound devices. Actions are typically performed by mobile robots and multi robot teams, ranging from large ( to medium ( and small ( sized mobile robots. We apply our solutions in largely unknown environments where human-machine interaction and networked systems play an important role.

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Core Members

  • Dr Alboul, Lyuba  ( - Senior research fellow
  • Dr Chliveros, Georgios ( - Researcher (
  • Dr Holloway, Alan ( - Researcher / Senior lecturer
  • Dr Naghsh, Amir M. ( - Researcher / Senior lecturer
  • Dr Penders, Jacques  ( - Principal research fellow, head of MMVL
  • Dr Saatchi, Reza ( - Reader / Principal lecturer

Core staff members are either part time or full time. Staff members of the MMVL with contractual teaching agreements are designated accordingly.

Student Members

  • Farah Q Al-Khalidi ( - PhD student
  • Joan Saez-Pons ( - PhD candidate (
  • Jan Wedekind ( - PhD candidate (
  • Selvan, Arul ( - PhD student
  • Razaghi, Hajar - PhD student

Students can be either full time or part time and their studies are on-going. Candidates are on the final year of their studies on the thesis write-up stage.

Associate Members

  • Dr Fabio Caparrelli ( - senior research fellow / consultant
  • Dr Alan Goude ( - principal lecturer
  • Dr Hashim, Abbas  ( - associate lecturer
  • Dr Martin Howarth ( - Head of the Dept of Engineering and Mathematics, ACES / SHU
  • Dr McKibbin, Stephen  ( - research associate (currently on a Japanese Fellowship)
  • Dr Alexei Nabok ( - senior lecturer
  • Dr Chris Roast ( - reader
  • Dr Jon Travis ( - reader

Applications for PhD positions, student internships, etc. should be sent to Rachel Ogden ( (MERI office)!

You have to replace the spam protection @REMOVETHIS with @ in the e-mail address!

Please consult the staff and student email directory ( of Sheffield Hallam University if you are looking for any other staff.


Mobile Machines and Vision Lab
Materials and Engineering Research Institute
City Campus
Sheffield Hallam University
Pond Street
Sheffield S1 1WB
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)114 225 3738/3254/3301
Email: (

We currently split in two locations: the Harmer Building (the main building) in room 2016. 2 is the number of the building and 0 means ground floor, and the Sheaf Building in room 4114. You can download the visitor's guide of Sheffield Hallam University ( (549 kByte PDF-file). If you cannot find us simply ask at the reception to phone us on 3301, 3254 or 3738 so that we can pick you up.


Road links

Sheffield's motorway link is the M1, junctions 33 and 34. You are recommended to leave at junction 33 and proceed into the city centre by way of the Parkway.

National Express (' coach service for long distance travel is comprehensive and efficient. Its central pick up and terminal point in Sheffield is at the Transport Interchange. Megabus ( provides low-cost transportation with double-decker buses.

Rail links

Train connections can be looked up on the National Rail website ( (or on the more browser friendly accessible UK train tables ( The local railway operator Midland Mainline ( sometimes offers discounted tickets. You have to book these in advance.

London is two-and-a-half hours away by train, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham one hour and Edinburgh four hours.

Sheffield's Midland Station is just a two minute walk away from our City Campus and the nearby Transport Interchange links you directly to our other two campuses of Collegiate Crescent and Psalter Lane.

Air links

The nearest airports that serve Sheffield are Manchester Aiport (, Robin Hood Doncaster Airport (, East Midlands Airport (, Leeds-Bradford Airport ( and Birmingham Airport ( When booking tickets be aware of the fact there are no train services early morning and late at night especially so during the weekend! Note that Manchester Airport and Manchester Picadilly are two different train stations.

Local Transport

You can use the tram ( for travelling in the city. Also there are local rail and bus operators for travelling in and around the city. Travel South Yorkshire ( provides a website bringing all services together.


VISA extensions before submission of dissertation

May 7th 2010: International students requiring a visa extension must apply for this before submitting their dissertation. The international student support team can help you with your visa extension. You must call Student and Learning Services on 0114 225 3818 between 9am and 4:30pm on Friday 7th May or between 9am and 11am on Monday 10th May to book in to have your visa application checked.

Students warned on flat ad scams

September 5th 2009: Scotland Yard is warning students to beware of bogus landlords ( advertising on the internet.

VISA rules changing in March 2009

February 4th 2009: If your visa expires before 30 June 2009, you should read this information. In March 2009, the rules for student visa extensions are changing. More... (

Home Office introduces compulsory identity card

November 14th 2008: The home office introduces a compulsory identity card (

Home Office intends to automatically refuse late VISA applications

July 2nd 2007: The home office intents to refuse VISA applications automatically ( for 28 days overstayers.

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